Raccoon FAQ's

Raccoons are well known and common wildlife creatures. In the recent years, they've gained popularity in online videos, advertisements, videos, and memes. Though lots of men and women find these so called “trash pandas" cute, they continue to be troublesome animals. Raccoons are exceptionally intelligent and love to get into trouble and cause mischief. They are recognizable by the black band around their eyes, which has the appearance of a robber’s mask. They've adapted to living in the cities of North America, and have also learned to flourish in urban settings. Our trash cans are the perfect lure for them, and you may have experienced your trash can being rummaged through by a raccoon if they are in your area. Raccoons are larger animals, and can become over 20 lbs! Because of their size they are not susceptible to many natural predators, mostly wild cats and dogs; raccoons do tend to be vulnerable to diseases, making them lead short lives.

Raccoon Removal
Removing raccoons from the home

Raccoons will typically live in heavily wooded areas, as they use hollow trees and deserted burrows as their nesting areas. Ideally, they need to be close to a water source and have plenty of access to food. Racoons will eat just about anything they can get their paws on, hence the reason why they love your garbage, and their tastes range from meats to vegetation and fruits. They're opportunistic animals and will eat anything so long as it's suitable for them and easy to get a hold of.

Generally speaking, raccoons are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they are most active at night time; nevertheless, they will come out through the daytime. It's usually believed that when a raccoon is seen outside throughout the day, it is because the animal has rabies or distemper, but this isn't necessarily the situation. Many times, they will sleep through the winter and remain in their homes during harsh weather to hide. They have high functional use of their paws, and use them to climb, as well as opening doors or containers.