Areas Raccoons Use to Access Your Attic or Home

If a raccoon is looking for added security around your home, many times they will select your attic as it keeps them feeling safe and it's located high off the ground, which simulates their tree-burrow houses. Why are they even looking to move into your home though? Most times, it's a mama searching for a fantastic spot to birth and raise her pups in which they will be safe from injury, however they can also be searching for a safe place from predators or harsh weather. Raccoons mate during the winter months, and produce their offspring during the spring, which means you may observe a considerable growth in raccoon action during those times.

Because raccoons are big mammals, so they will typically seek out a large entrance to gain access to the home. However, since raccoons are also comparatively powerful creatures they can pull or pry open areas for them to enter, you will most often notice this with soffit since it is a malleable material that they can easy move out of their way. While uncommon, they may also use your garage as an entrance, when inside they could discover a way into the attic, or if your garage is suitable for them, they might even stay inside.

Among the most typical areas that raccoons will gain entrance is a roof return, this is where soffit meets roof at a darkened corner. Often times, roofing companies do not seal this completely, leaving a hole in which the raccoon can squeeze through or easily grab the soffit to pull it back for access. Raccoons will generally have one main entry point that they use, and this may be recognized by black rub marks they leave behind when wiggling their large bodies in.

It doesn't matter how raccoons get in--get them out!
It doesn't matter how raccoons get in--get them out!

If you have low hanging branches over your roof, this provides raccoons with easier access as they will climb the tree and then use the branches to lower themselves onto the roof. However, if you don’t have low hanging branches you are not exempt from raccoons gaining entry, as they can also scale the wall to gain access.