What Sounds do Raccoons Make?

Like humans, raccoons communicate with each other through vocalization. Along with their chattering to each other, they are also known for they loud sounds they can cause in your attic – thumping and dragging are the most common of these. Raccoons are social creatures and love to communicate with each other, they do this with the use of over 200 unique sounds, including purring, chittering, growling, snarling, hissing, whimpering, and even a screeching when they are threatened. If you have baby raccoons, you can hear them crying and whining- much like a newborn puppy.

While you may not hear a raccoon making vocal sounds, you can still hear their presence through the sounds they make when inside your attic. Most often, you’ll hear these noises as a result of them walking around the attic space, digging their nests, or even when they are coming in and out of the access they are using. You will often hear these sounds at night, which can be off-putting when you’re trying to rest. You may also be awoken by the sounds of a raccoon tipping over your trash can in search of food.