Signs of Raccoons in the Attic or Around Your Property–Evidence!

Raccoons are easily noticeable, especially if they're in your yard or if they have found their own way in your attic. They aren't well known for being clean animals and frequently leave a massive mess behind for you to clean up. You might have seen signs of them before, an overturned garbage can is among the most frequent signals of raccoon activity. Depending on what features you have in your yard you may also notice things like: your garden being dug up, fish missing from your pond, or lawn ornaments overturned. You most likely will end up finding these disturbances the morning after, as raccoons wreak havoc throughout the night.

If you are unfortunate enough to have had a raccoon figure out how to enter your attic, you're most likely experiencing more problems than just spilled garbage. Due to their large size, these animals are not silent when they are moving around above you and you may hear thuds or dragging noises throughout the night. In fact, it can often sound like a full grown person is walking around in your attic – which can be terrifying, especially if you have easily spooked little ones. When you are dealing with a mama raccoon and her pups, you may also hear the newborns crying out for their mother if she is out rummaging for food.

Raccoons will use any available entrance!
Raccoons can seriously damage your roof!

Regardless of if it’s sounds in the attic, or destruction in your yard, you can almost always tell if it is a raccoon causing trouble. Fortunately, in most cases, this means you are able to tell that you have an issue pretty fast and are able to start taking measure to eradicate them. Even though you still may have trouble ridding yourself of this crafty animal, it's crucial to have a head start at the beginning so you are ahead of the game.